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Louisiana Cypress Pirogue Replica in Multiple Sizes

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As early as the 1600s, settlers in Louisiana built dugout canoes for trapping, hunting, fishing and transportation. Over time, the boat design evolved into a plank construction using native cypress wood. These pirogues were a mainstay on Louisiana bayous until fiberglass construction gained popularity. A renewed interest in Louisiana heritage has led to a resurgence of cypress pirogue production.

Our handmade Louisiana Cypress Pirogue Replicas are made based on a scale model of full size pirogues still used on Louisiana Bayous today! The pirogues are handmade by our family, which now has 3 generations of boat builders.  

Our pirogues are made of locally sourced, hand picked Louisiana Red Cypress and finished with our custom made oil. A pair of handmade wooden paddles is included with each pirogue. 

Sizes include:

Small: 15"L x 2 3/4" W at widest width

Medium: 21"L x 3 1/2" W at widest width

Large: 29"L x 5" W at widest width

Based on the handmade nature of the item, dimensions and color may vary slightly from item pictured. 

These pirogues make great gifts, décor accent pieces and centerpieces for a tablescape or giftbaskets.

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